As an RPN working towards a de Souza designation, which courses should I start with?

de Souza Institute’s courses are categorized according to four domains:

  • Patient Teaching and Coaching,
  • Therapeutic and Supportive Relationships,
  • Developing Professional Practice and Leadership, and
  • Treatment and Delivery of Evidence Based Practice.

For the Treatment domain, you may wish to begin with the Advanced Pain Assessment and Management course. Although the course contains a lot of information about cancer, it also explores pain management strategies for other chronic conditions that learners might encounter in their practice. Foundations in Oncology Nursing Practice is a good introductory level course which provides a general overview of the most prevalent cancers, diagnostic procedures and treatments related to nursing.
For the Therapeutic and Supportive Relationships domain, the Psychosocial Care Education Day is a good place to start. The Advance Care Planning course and Managing Grief and Loss are popular for nurses  working in the community setting. 
Please visit our online calendar to see courses that are currently open for registration and check if any of them would be of interest to you.